Sunday, March 20, 2011

Miss you like a blind archer

So this weekend my mom and little brother came up to Colorado to visit my sister and me.  We went skiing and it was pretty fun.  Keystone was beautiful but ski conditions were not too great.  It was actually to warm and all the snow would melt during the day and then freeze at night so the following day it would all be ice.  Anyways, while i was up there my mom started asking about all of my friends and what has been new and i realized i really didn't know how things are going besides the occasional text here and there and that is my fault.  So i have said it before, and it may not continue but i am gonna start small and make an effort to blog once a week just so we can be a bit more connected.  miss u guys and im sorry i have been so distant, but whenever i think of the best time of my life it is at michigan with all of u.  so hope all is well guys and talk to u soon.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Im Back

So after a, well during a web chat with chin, i have finally made my blog. But my comp is about to die... so to be continued